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This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the processing of personal data and the confidentiality conditions for users of the website.

The administrator of personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / WE, in relation to personal data of Users who are natural persons is:

Jusupović Design Joanna Jusupović
ul. Strużańska 2D m.21
05-119 Legionowo
NIP: 5361951771
REGON: 387831250


Visitors – a person visiting the website.

Administrator – firma Jusupović Design Joanna Jusupović

  1. The method of collecting personal data
    Personal data is provided directly by the Buyer via e-mail, telephone or contact form, and is also downloaded automatically by the IT system used by the website administrator during the user’s visit to the website. Providing personal data by Visitors is voluntary.
  2. The scope of collected personal data
    1. Visitor data – a person visiting the website is not obliged to provide personal data. Visitors who contact via the contact form are required to provide an e-mail address and first name.
    2. Data collected automatically when visiting the website – when visiting the website, the website automatically downloads: the user’s IP address, information about the type of browser, source of visit, geolocation, and in the case of users who entered the website via a search engine, also about the used keywords leading to the display of the link in the search results. Data collected automatically from all Visitors is not Personal Data. These data are collected solely for the purpose of keeping statistics.
  3. Purpose of data collection
    1. Personal data provided by the user during e-mail or telephone contact or via the contact form with will be used only to answer the user’s inquiry.
    2. Data collected automatically by the IT system of the website will be used only for statistical purposes.
  4. Processing of personal data
    Personal data is processed:
    1. In accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data,
    2. In accordance with the implemented Privacy Policy,
    3. Only to the extent and for the purpose necessary to carry out the transaction of services offered on the website, to respond to Users’ inquiries and to correctly implement the Services provided electronically.
  1. Provision of personal data
    1. The administrator does not share personal data with entities other than those authorized under the applicable law.
    2. The Administrator may provide the Visitor’s personal data to the company performing the printing or to the subcontractors of the services offered by the Administrator in order to fulfill the order.
      The administrator will provide the printer or subcontractor with the name and contact details (e-mail address and / or telephone number). In the event of suspicion of breaking the law, personal data will be made available to the relevant state authorities, and in the event of an inspection also to authorized employees of the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection.
    3. The Administrator has the right to share the Visitor’s personal data with entities authorized under the applicable law (e.g. law enforcement authorities).
    4. The administrator under no circumstances resells or makes available personal data to third parties, except for the situations described above.
  2. Contact
    The Administrator will contact the Visitor via e-mail and by phone in matters related to the implementation of the order and sales transactions of services offered on the website.
    Visitors will be provided with: orders, invoices, as well as information related to the course of the order fulfillment process, if the Visitor has joined such a process.
  3. Data change
    1. Each Visitor has the right to change or update their personal data by sending an instruction to the administrator of the website at the following e-mail address:
    2. The visitor may at any time resign from receiving e-mails from or prohibit the transfer of his personal data to third parties (printers or subcontractors), unless the prohibition applies to the transaction. The decision to resign should be submitted to the administrator of the website via e-mail to the address The resignation will be considered by the administrator of the website as soon as possible after its receipt.
  4. Cookies
    The website uses cookies to monitor user traffic and compile statistics. These are small text files sent by a web server and stored by the browser computer software.
  5. Data protection
    Jusupović Design Joanna Jusupović makes every effort to ensure that the personal data provided by Buyers is safe. In order to protect them, internal procedures have been implemented. Only the Administrator and persons having a written authorization to process personal data in the system of Jusupović Design Joanna Jusupović have access to personal data processed by the Administrator.
  6. Responsibility
    The administrator of the website undertakes to apply the rules described in this document that guarantee the confidentiality of the Visitors. A situation in which the scope of the collected data or the method of its protection will slightly change, while maintaining the privacy of users, is allowed. This document cannot constitute the basis for any claims made against the website, as long as these claims do not result from the provisions of law in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  7. Data collector data
    The data collector is Jusupović Design Joanna Jusupović.
  8. Changes to the privacy policy
    The administrator of the website reserves the right to make changes to this document. The changes will be published on the website on a dedicated subpage.